What we provide


  • Screen cases for merit
  • Identify contributing factors to the alleged damages and/or injuries
  • Translate, interpret and summarize medical record into brief reports or chronologies
  • Define deviations from, and adherences to, the applicable standards of care
  • Conduct literature searches and guidelines relevant to the case
  • Identify and locate appropriate expert witnesses
  • Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations (IME) or Dependent Medical Exams (DME).
  • Addional services available


From the moment a potential case comes in, Meskis & Associates, LLC becomes an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening the case for merit and providing additional Certified Legal Nurse Consultants services relevant to the case.


The services of Meskis & Associates, LLC are far more cost-effective then those of a physician. As the healthcare provider who is face-to-face with the patient every day, we can educate you about a wide range of medical issues. This knowledge saves you time and money when working with expensive medical experts.

My nursing experience across the spectrum of healthcare and certification as a Legal Nurse Consultant, allows me to recognize deviations of standards of practice and provide many different services in a consulting role. My nursing background of 30 years includes, but is not limited to Obstetrics, Home Care, Hospice, Long-term Care, Cardiac Care, and Same Day Surgery. Collaborating with other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, I have access to nurses with other specialties and testifying experts.

Your legal know-how and our knowledge of the healthcare system and its inner workings combine to assure you higher profits. As the medical insiders on your litigation team, we deliver the cost-effective expertise you need to unlock the secrets in the medial record. 


Meskis & Associates, LLC
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We promise to meet or beat the deadlines for the reports and to make necessary changes to the work product, to satisfy our clients!