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At Meskis & Associates, LLC, we work with Attorneys who handle medical-related cases from anywhere in the country, leveraging our nursing & medical expertise so they can focus on the legal issues of their case, take more cases or spend more time on things that matter to them the most.


With strong roots in clinical nursing practice, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants apply the nursing process to evaluating relevant, complex information in legal cases. Meskis & Associates, LLC fulfill a unique role in bridging the gap between the legal process, healthcare science, and patient outcomes.


Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC) are registered nurses that provide invaluable consultation and expertise to attorneys about medical issues and support legal cases. As an independent consulting firm, Meskis & Associates’ works with insurance companies, legal firms and others requiring the expertise of a CLNC.

As a member of The National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants we have instant access to 6000+ Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who can testify to nursing issues and help locate reputable MD’s to testify to medical issues.

Susan D Meskis, DNP, RN, CLNC

As Owner and Lead Consultant of Meskis & Associates LLC, I have 30 years of clinical experience in on use and proficiency of medical records review, and training as a Legal Nurse Consultant, I can review and analyze medical records efficiently and professionally. Nursing experience, my education and certification has prepared me to navigate through medical records, provide scholarly research and solid documentation giving lawyers the medical competitive edge to win cases and save money.


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We promise to meet or beat the deadlines for the reports and to make necessary changes to the work product, to satisfy our clients!